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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 7 AM to 4:30 PM


Amphitheatre: The School has a magnificent amphitheatre which provides a wonderful platform for the students to exhibit their talents in various ways like special assemblies, one act play competition, and joy sharing classes. It offers a stage area, seating for the audience, and acoustics that enhance the sound quality. The tiered seating allows for spectators to watch and cheer their classmates during sporting events or competitions. An amphitheatre in the school adds value by providing a dedicated space for performances, assemblies, outdoor learning and sports activities.
The School Auditorium: The auditorium at O P Jindal School is a versatile and lively space that serves as the hub for various events and activities. It is a large hall specifically designed to accommodate a significant number of people, be it students, teachers or parents. The auditorium is primarily used for school assemblies, celebrate achievements, and showcase talents. It is also an ideal venue for ceremonies like blessing ceremony, where students bid farewell to their school years and move forward to the next chapter of their lives.
ICT (Information and Communication Technology): An important component of NEP is the integration of technology in education. ICT has revolutionized the way teaching and learning takes place in classrooms. An ICT-enabled classroom has increased engagement and interactivity among students. With the use of computers, smart boards and projectors students actively participate in the learning process. The ICT enabled classroom makes learning more enjoyable but also helps students understand complex concepts through visual aids and hands-on activities.
Music Room: In OPJS there exists a special space where creativity comes alive and music fills the air - the music room. This room is a haven for students who have a passion for music and a place where they can immerse themselves in the world of melodies, rhythms and harmonies. The room is equipped with various musical instruments, ranging from classical ones such as pianos, violins, and cellos, to modern ones like guitars, drums, and keyboards. Each instrument has its own unique sound and character, allowing students to explore different genres and styles of music.
Dance room: NEP 2020 has thrown open myriad opportunities for the students of music and performing arts by providing a course curriculum and an academic framework. As you step into the room, you are immediately greeted with the rhythmic beats of music and the contagious enthusiasm filling the air. The room is purposefully designed to cater to the needs of dancers, with its large mirrored walls that span from floor to ceiling. These mirrors allow students to see their reflections, ensuring proper body alignment and technique.