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R. K .Trivedi

With a great sense of pride and privilege, I welcome you to our school website. We hope our pages give you an informative and useful overview of the campus in addition to an insight into the underlying mission and philosophy that govern the school. In keeping with our school motto, ‘Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya’, we seek to instil a love for self-exploration and independent enquiry in every child of ours.
I am writing to provide you with an update on our recent steps towards implementing the National Educational Policy in our school. The NEP is a comprehensive framework aimed at transforming the education system in our country. It emphasizes the importance of quality education, holistic development, and a focus on experiential and skill-based learning. We, at our school, wholeheartedly believe in the vision of NEP and are committed to its successful implementation. We have started to revise and redesign our curriculum to align it with the NEP's guidelines. Through this process, we are ensuring that our curriculum is relevant, engaging, and encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Our prime concern is a safe and conducive environment where students can develop a sense of belongingness and indulge in meaningful learning experiences. We endeavour to strive for academic excellence for which we constantly challenge ourselves and set new benchmarks.
We are also working towards integrating various subjects and disciplines to provide a holistic education to our students. ‘Quality’ is the key word here at O P Jindal School, Raigarh (OPJS-R). We focus on teaching our students on ‘how to think’ rather than ‘what to think’. Every child, at OPJS-R, is placed in the hands of qualified, well trained, dedicated and caring educators who stimulate young minds and help them to outgrow their cocoons thereby enabling them to feel valued and confident. Students here are taught to have a sense of pride in themselves and aspire to succeed. Our students are provided with a plethora of local and global activities geared towards building on their latent talents while encouraging an exploration of new and creative interests.
As educators, we are here to make the school years of our students as successful and educationally challenging as possible. We lay emphasis on creative and critical thinking skills, problem solving, time management and active learning on the part of our students. We are committed towards equipping every student with the 21st century skills of empathy, collaboration, teamwork, IT and communication skills.
As a model school in the vicinity, we realize our responsibility towards the environment and the community. At OPJS-R, we motivate our students and staff to shoulder civic and social responsibilities by providing them with opportunities to become positive contributors to society. We intend to give back to the society by ensuring literacy, digital skills and environmental protection in our peripheral area. I believe this is what makes OPJS-R one of its kind.
I also believe that preparing today's youth for the future requires a strong parental partnership with the school. Therefore, I welcome the parental community to join hands in helping our children realize their full potential.
I invite and encourage you to learn more, by visiting and discovering our school. We shall be glad to welcome you to the family.