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Global Club



Today’s generation is extremely creative. The ISA programme has had a very positive impact on developing the pupils awareness of the culture of other countries. To help the teachers, the school has formed a Global Outreach Club comprising of students from classes VIII to XII.


The ISA activities have groomed our students into multi-faceted global citizens of the future, who strive to live harmoniously with diverse social and cultural forces across the world. The club activities range from exchange of emails, video conferencing, preparation of display boards, preparation and exchange of creative scrap books, power point presentations, observing international days, celebrating special international days and special assemblies.


The Global Outreach Club is headed by Akash Dhiman (Secy, British Council), Muskan Singh (Secy, British Council), Utkarsh Modi (Secy, British Council), Preeti Chakraborty (Dy Secy, British Council), Mansi Singh (Dy Secy, British Council), Suyash Dansena (Dy Secy, British Council), Preksha Patnaik (Dy Secy, British Council), Saket Agrawal (Dy Secy, British Council), Rishabh Verma (Jr Secy, British Council), Aniba Agrawal (Jr Secy, British Council), Snehil Ahmed (Jr Secy, British Council), Prabha Patel (Jr Secy, British Council), Sameera V. Thodge (Secy, UNESCO), Shivam Pandey (Secy, UNESCO),and Sahil Kumar (Secy, UNESCO) whose primary roles are to assist in promoting international dimension in the school and maintain links with the other club members to conduct the upcoming events and activities.


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