Our Commitment To The Environment

We aim to develop the next generation to become responsible, influential and inspiring leaders. One of the greatest challenges we are facing, is environmental change. It is our aim to instill a sense of awareness in children today, from the youngest Nursery to the oldest XII class student, so that they can start to reduce carbon footprint and help to protect the earth for tomorrow. We believe that awareness needs to be accompanied by the ability to take informed action, both locally and on global issues. Activities such as Celebration of Eco friendly days, Cleaning drive in school premises and adjoining areas, Growing of medicinal plants in school, Exhibitions and competitions like essay, poem, drawing, Nature camps and eco trips etc are conducted.

Conscious of our carbon footprint, we are committed to make O P Jindal School an environmentally sustainable and ‘green’ school, as far as we can. The environment is about people, places, and spaces, not just the physical environment. We believe in the power of education in helping young people to shape their future environment sustainable way.