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Project - Water! Water! Everywhere : ‘Water! Water! Everywhere’ project aims at study of responsible harvesting, consumption and utilization of water in India and partner countries. Water is not only important for human beings but also plays an important role to balance the entire ecosystem in various ways. The activities planned under this project are Assembly, Excursion (Let’s see), Display and Survey (Watch the use of water). Around 400 students will participate in this project. At the end of the activity the children will appreciate the importance of water for sustaining life and become responsible citizen by minimizing its use.

Ms. Sunita Mishra

Project - Music- A Soul to the Universe : ‘Music- A soul to the universe’ aims to learn about the contributions of the musicians of India, Russia & USA. Music is a moral law. It gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness and life to everything. 400 students approximately will learn about the classical and western musicians, their singing style and the values of their life. The students would develop creativity and imagination as well as enhance their critical thinking skills. They will learn to appreciate the life style of the musicians of the partner countries and their contribution to the society. The various activities like research work, presentations, story building session and video conferencing will result to deep learning of the project. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.

Ms. Piyali Basu

Project - Health- The Key for Happiness : Health- The Key for Happiness’ project aims to develop a positive attitude and bring dynamic in the formation of habit among the young learners. It will also develop the thought that good nutrition is important part of leading a healthy life and how physical activity and diet can help one to reach and maintain a good health.

Ms. Sujata Bhattacharjee

Project - Kids, Who Care : ‘Kids Who Care’ project aims to develop emotional sensitivity and respect for people with special needs. Disability doesn’t obstruct the way to success. This has been proved by many people of such kinds. This project has been designed to make our children aware of such challenges. Gradually the children will develop an empathetic attitude towards such people with special needs all over the world. Campaign on helping the needy, Story-telling lesson & Celebration of international day of people with disability activities are going to be covered under this project. Around 800 children from classes II & III will contribute for the activities.

Ms. Reema Patel

Project: The Dynamic, Climate : The weather influences our lives in many ways. The weather of a place comprises the atmospheric conditions in that place. These conditions include temperature, rainfall, humidity, speed of the wind. The weather conditions vary with climate which depends on some climatic factors. The aim of the project is to study the temperature and rainfall variation in different parts of India, Pakistan, Australia and Brazil.  Thus enabling the students to compare the records and relate globally. They will know about satellites launched by India and other countries that help in understanding and forecasting weather. They will write slogans and draw pictures on the beauty of sky depending on different weather conditions. Around 400 students of class- VII will participate in these activities. Around 400 students will participate in these activities to better understand the dynamic of climate.

Ms. Sudeshna Bannerjee

Project - Winged Visitors in my Backyard : ‘Winged Visitor in My Backyard’ has been planned with an objective to sensitize young minds about conservation of wild birds and study about the initiatives taken in the field of bird conservation in India, USA and Sri Lanka, create awareness and implement the same. Around 400 students of Class IX will learn about the importance of wild birds and biodiversity in the chosen countries. They would also learn about the different conservation techniques employed in the chosen countries. The students would develop critical thinking skills and apply the techniques learnt for conservation in practical life. They would also be responsible for life on land and be active citizens for protection of the speechless creatures. The activities planned for this project are Survey on Garden Birds, Bird Conservation Techniques- Getting Involved and Making Your Bird Happy, Reduce Bird VS Window Collisions. The students will involve their friends, family and neighbours and spread the message of sustainable living.

Ms. Preeti Kalita Acharya

Project - Pen Pals : ‘Pen-pals’ project is an attempt to revive interest and spirit in traditional games via writing letters and diaries. The activity will further help in developing international friendship; ascertain cognitive and emotional development among children by expressing their ideas and notions creatively on traditional games of India and collaborating countries (South Korea). Students will participate in the activities of Video-conferencing, Classroom interaction, Preparation of scrap book and display the games in Annual exhibition. Around 800 students of IV & V will participate in this project.

Ms. Rekha R. Yadav


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