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"Working as a team and not as individuals, we aspire to make a difference."

O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh, (CG), India, since its inception has been a progressive school and the introduction of internationalism in the curriculum has helped our students to reorient their minds towards acceptance and appreciation of differences among people and cultures.

The learners of this generation are an aware and smarter lot who are well-equipped with a vast stock of information. Thus it sometimes poses a challenge to the teaching community to engage them meaningfully. So, we constantly strive to give them hands-on experience so as to tap and channelize their potential to the best of their abilities.

O.P Jindal School, Raigarh, India, has already made a mark for itself in the field of international education with a number of collaborative learning projects and three consecutive ISA Awards. We partner with schools around the world to prepare our students to become global citizens so that they have a sense of belonging to the world community. Our international collaborations enable our students to communicate and collaborate across cultures.

In keeping up to the vision of our Honourable Principal Sir, we seek to broaden our international horizons and learn about the best practices from schools of similar nature. We tend to embrace the best practices of 21st century learning and offer our students an interactive, student-centered curriculum that will foster creativity, critical thinking and global citizenship. Through experiential global education, local community service and international travel, students will increase their global awareness, heighten their appreciation of diversity and learn leadership skills that will expand their ability to work in and contribute to an increasingly interdependent world.

I believe this will equip our students with the best set of skills besides enabling them to undergo experiential learning and grow as socially responsible citizens. We wish that our students embark on a cross-cultural journey of exploration and inquiry.


Responsibilities of the ISA Coordinator

  • To establish links with various schools from different countries.

  • To arrange visits of eminent personalities.

  • To foster international dimension into the school curriculum.

  • To develop an appreciation and respect for cultural, linguistic and religious diversity.

  • To instill among the students the desire to actively participate in multicultural and global activities.

  • To help colleagues to develop the use of international themes for cross curricular projects.

  • To organize international days by conducting special assemblies.

  • To coordinate the international activities in the school and mentoring of the same.

  • To be overall responsible for writing the ISA Action Plan in consultation with project leaders.

  • To advertise Action Plan projects and facilitate proper use of online resource site.

  • To liaise with specific people in the community over projects.

  • To check the periodic appraisal of the action plan which is implemented.

  • To provide a complete support and resource system for teachers to help them in conducting activities based on international dimension.

  • To help the students to showcase their talent.

  • To encourage shared leaning through student-teacher visits and exchange programmes.

Preeti Kalita Acharya

ISA Co-ordinator



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